Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oasis Penang

Dear all Oasis buyers,

This is an uncensored blog specially created for you. Please feel free to share with us your views regarding this particular Oasis Penang project.


Above 14th Floor


JL said...

3weeks ago i called Mr Lee, he told me that everyting will be OK and said that the ground work will start June 08.
Lets us wait for few more weeks and see any progress on the side k.....
Realy hope that everything will be ok and the project will be complete on time....

Above 14th Floor said...

Hi all,

1) Land title has been obtained. U can get a copy of the document either from yr lawyer or Nusmetro office. Then you can doouble check with MPPP to ensure that the land title is valid.

2) Nusmetro is pending for court order to be issued by the end of May 2008. When they have court order, then they can demolish the quarters after a notice is given even though they are reluctant to move out. Lets check with Nusmetro again by end of May 2008.

3) Esther is right. We should remain calm and have a dialouge with Nusmetro in a more professional way, so that we will nto jeopardize Oasis' reputation and price in future.

Anonymous said...

Seems like Nusmetro is ready to react on the given comments already.

Who dont want the project moving, especially those invested their hard earned money in it.

Hope to receive more official reaction from Nusmetro on this matter.

racing said...

Check this out....
The STAR page N33, 23rd May 08.
Nows the time to get our deposit returned , 100%.....

Anonymous said...

Can someone please advise how can we get back 100% of our deposit. I spoke to my lawyer and he said the only way we can get back our deposit, that too only 9% of the total 10% we have paid is if we show the developer that our loan has been rejected.
Anyone here has collected back 100% of the their deposit?

Anonymous said...

dun panic... you can contact Mr Lee for clearification or wait under 2nd hearing which fall on 12th June then only make decision.
I believe you also wait for many months d and no harm to wait for few more weeks then only make decision

Oasis said...

agreed.. let just wait for 2nd hearing. based on chinese news paper, the court did not issued court order does not not mean the quarters can continue to stay as that is not their land.

i'm looking more positive that this is advantages to us since nothing much i could do cause my loan does approved. :(

Anonymous said...


may i know which news paper? date and which page??


Oasis said...

It's on Friday GuangMing newspaper. I can't able to find the newspaper. Hopes I get right translation from my translator.

Anonymous said...

The developer will not send an invitation letter asking us to come and collect our 10% after all the investment he has done to advertise this project. The squatters folks will not clear the land as obviously the land transfer did not happen legally as how is defined by the current state government.

We all need a back-up plan. Someone needs to talk to Lim Guan Eng to ensure not only the squatters ppl are taken care BUT also we buyers. He has help all of us to make sure we get back all our 10% of deposit. No point we go and see Mr.Lee, we have to go and see Lim Guan Eng.
Otherwise, none of us are going to get back our 10%. As per law, only 9% can be obtained, that too if u get your loan to be rejected.

Anonymous said...

I agree that if we complain of any delays now, the answer would be that it has yet been delayed as according to S&P, a property is only deemed to be delayed if the developer fails to deliver after 3 years. The question is are we willing to wait for 3 years before we take any action? I beleive NOT as we rather take back the money and invest in another property. My opinion is, let us all wait till 12th of June, if the trial results not in favour to the developer,lets see the State Assesmblymen to push the developer in giving an option to all the buyers to cancel the S&P and return 100% of the payment.

Anonymous said...

Anyone knows what is the latest news on Oasis?

yeoh said...

Hi to all Oasis supporters,
Can I know if this blog still active? I just booked a unit during the Nov15 sales launch after Nusmetro had resolved the land-squatters issue.

Trevor said...

How much did you purchase?? the project is revived??

Anonymous said...

The project is progressing well. I had purchased a unit in September 2009 for investment. I think most of the people who have given negative remarks about Oasis are those who missed out to purchase the desired units and/or those who had purchased other condos and do not like to see Oasis flourish.

It was the same case when I first purchased Bayswater and now, I'm getting RM4,200 on rent every month! Even the S&P lawyer, who had purchased the Spring at that time, viewed Bayswater negatively.

LYY said...

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